Una ment positiva troba oportunitat en tot. Una ment negativa troba culpa en tot. - Desconegut

Una ment positiva troba oportunitat en tot. Una ment negativa troba culpa en tot. - Desconegut

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A positive mind will always find an opportunity in everything. This is because that’s how they perceive things around them. They always count things in a positive way and see opportunities in them.

They perceive things with the right intention and thus, prefer to take things positively always.

A positive mind always sees good things turning up. They never bother to count things in a pessimistic manner, but are always of the belief that everything should be noted with an optimistic approach.

Life happens, and the positive people will have a completely different outlook for everything. They will always perceive things in a positive way, and know that everything in life happens for a reason.


No matter how adverse the situations turn out to be, positive people will perceive everything in a nice way. They will never escape from situations, but will rather be the one who counts things in a good way.

On the other hand, a negative mind will always find faults in everything. A negative mind will never miss an opportunity to blame things and find faults. This is how these kinds of people look at things.

That’s how they perceive certain situations and one has nothing else to say, for that is how they count the circumstances and their outlook is likewise.

It is important to understand that different people have different approaches to the same thing. It’s the way you look at the things that make all the difference.


A negative mind has never known to count things in an optimistic manner. He will always find excuses and reasons to blame the person or the situation and that’s how they usually deal with the overall situation.

There is absolutely no way by which you can alter their outlooks, and you have got nothing to do, but to deal with such kinds of psychology some way or the other.

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